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Manual Exchange 2013 Configuration on Android 6.x
Manual Exchange 2013 configuration on Android 6.x

When Autodiscover is not available, use these manual steps to configure the Exchange account on your Android 6.x device.

  1. Swipe the menu down.

  2. Tab the Settings button.
    2.jpg (270×480)

  3. Tab Accounts.
    3.jpg (270×480)

  4. Tab Add Account.
    4.jpg (270×480)

  5. Tab Exchange.
    5.jpg (270×480)

  6. Fill in the e-mailaddress and tab Manual settings.
    6.jpg (270×480)

  7. Select Exchange and Tab Next.
    7.jpg (270×480)

  8. Fill in server: and port: 443
    8.jpg (270×480)

  9. Tab Next to finalize the configuration.
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