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IP Fax Services

Use your mailbox to send and receive fax messages

Fax over IP; send and receive fax messages by using your mailbox

The Universal IP Fax Service is the easiest way to send and receive fax messages. No more waste of paper, no need to install additional software on your computer. Just send a fax as if you were to send an e-mail. It works like sending or receiving an e-mail message; directly from you e-mail application like Outlook or any other mailclient. All that is needed to use the IP Fax Service is internet connectivity.

Unlimited Fax Channels - no more busy lines

We do not limit the number of simultaneous channels you have availble to send or receive faxes. You can send multiple faxes at once and a busy fax line is now history.

Save costs, avoid wasting paper

Save on paper costs, landlines and expensive maintenance contracts for your fax machine or multifunctional.

Available in your mailbox; read and distribute your faxes anywhere, anytime.

You receive your faxmessages in your mailbox. Sending faxmessages can be securily done by using your mailclient, webmail or even your business application.


Save costs

Unlike most IP Fax Services (billing an expensive rate per fax page), Universal IT only charges VoIP Out minutes. Therefore the Universal Fax over IP service is very economical to use. It will save you costs on (wasted) paper and expensive fax landlines. 

Extensive Fax distribution

Faxes will enter your mailbox, your Exchange distribution list or for example in a SharePoint list with an automated workflow to dispatch your fax messages. Universal Fax over IP service allows you to organize the distribution of faxes  to meet your organization's needs.

Reports & alerts

A status message will follow after each sent fax with a detailed logging (success / error / time). Detailed logging of outgoing faxes can be downloaded realtime in the Universal Control Panel.

IP Fax Service



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