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A Touch of Power

Universal IT registered her domain more than 20 years ago - back in 1995 -  being one of the first internet pioneers in The Netherlands.

Nowadays, over 300 organizations in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and the UK benefit from our rich and broad experience in Cloud technology, software development and business processes. Universal IT supports organizations using on premises solutions or public Cloud services (Office 365 & Azure).  Universal IT also offers a private Universal Hosting service from our privately owned Cloud in the Netherlands, offering a secure, redundant, fully flexible and highly customizable enterprise hosting service. 

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Flexibility and Control

Universal IT provides full flexibility and Control in all respects. Just a few examples; we only invoice for activated services and useraccounts. Lang term contracts and invoicing for reserved services (instead of used services) are not our cup of tea. Also; our Cloud Services are highly customizable and can be integrated with your on premises (or Office 365) application.

A Touch of Power

The Universal Touch of Power expresses the powerful self-service tools that are made available to you when you use the Universal Services. Create and manage your services in our webbased Control Panel. This makes the Universal Cloud services transparent, flexible and reliable.

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